Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being hurt

The only way we can be hurt
is when we give permission,
for words are what we make of them;
and are no cause for pain.
When someone speaks it is a fact,
that anything we feel,
is only what we tell ourselves,
the words they use do mean.
If someone knows us well and true,
the words may hurt and yet,
still carry truths we need to hear,
but would seek to reject.
And when a stranger uses words,
which punish or cause pain,
we still must look within to see,
if any truth is raised.
But if there is no substance,
in what is offered forth,
then hold the words in honour,
as their pain brought to birth.
There is no place of safety,
which we can ever reach,
and also none of danger;
so nothing to be feared.
When we are brought together,
the angels whisper close,
that nothing can be personal;
the lesson is to learn.

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