Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We love bad news

Jungle, Oil on Canvas, Roslyn Ross, 2012

We love bad news,
we really must,
if what we see and hear
reflects our true desires;
reveals our inner fears.
There are two ways
to 'see' a thing,
or maybe even more,
and yet we lean
toward the bad;
let misery be drawn.
A glass half full,
or glass half gone,
is always on display,
so why believe in loss
when we can opt for gain?
Energy will follow thought,
and we create our world,
through what we think
and we believe,
and what we say unfolds.


  1. So true for many of us. Is it because of a predisposition or is it to avoid the disappointment when good news doesn't turn up on a regular basis?

    1. I think our attention is more readily taken by the 'shocking' and bad news is generally more shocking than good news and the media knows this and responds accordingly. I think more than anything it is a bad habit.