Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Complexity of Self

The hermit's house, Oil on Canvas, 2012 Roslyn Ross.

The characters will gather,
To offer up their words,
Advice, instructions, warnings
Through hours and days and years.
They talk to me and I talk back,
The conversation runs,
Through light and dark complexity,
With all my inner Selves.
It’s like another family,
But one which lives within,
Where some I like and some I don’t,
And some are hardly known.
But in this world of cosmic law,
It hardly can surprise,
For as above is so below
And without is found within.
The more we reach consensus,
The better it all works,
But as with all I find without,
Sometimes the hermit calls.
Yet there is no escaping
This complex world of mind,
For where I go, so too do they
And we must work as one.


  1. I think I would be very happy to have this as my epitaph. People could walk by and say, 'That's why he was the way he was' and there would neither be need nor desire to respond. I've not read something which has resonated so strongly with the essence of who and how I am.

  2. Join the club. I suspect neither you nor I are alone in this. We may be a minority but a large one.