Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Obscure I found your message,
uncertain, not defined, and in
the shuttered meaning, your
thoughts were not refined.

Communication limited, in
words which could not reach,
like buried stars in galaxies,
the black holes did beseech.

Guarded were your utterings,
implied and deep concealed,
ambiguous and shrouded,
our love could never heal.

Those covert sullen memories,
and cryptic, private thoughts,
were held in realms divided,
no matter how I sought.

In enigmatic wanderings,
I followed you so far and
lost myself in darkness;
remote and selfish wars.

Undisclosed and undivulged,
was how you really felt,
passions blocked and dying;
all hopes did slowly melt.

Impassable the boundaries,
disguised the limits known,
secluded in my agonies;
the future cruelly gone.

Days were deeply buried,
nights were camouflaged,
hours were hushed eternally;
I wept in veiled quiet.


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