Tuesday, June 16, 2015


That place where one can sit in silence, be alone

And where the presence of others is not denied,
But put aside, to form that crucible of isolation;
To make that haven of solace and required distance.
If only there were more such quiet realms waiting,
Or ready to be constructed, somewhere inside of mind,
Holding out the promise of peace and concentration;
Undisturbed by noise and travails in this time.

Yet in our constant, deep, demanded connection, is
It possible to step aside, to put ourselves beyond
Others, distinct from hearts and minds which call
Across oceans and through hours; always touching?


  1. Always traveling must take its toll. But for a living, we do.
    At least I am getting to join my husband. He is not normally away for close to a month at any given time.

    I shall take a little notebook for my own observations, while I wait.

  2. To seek that perfect spot of solitude, not loneliness but a quiet spot... A wonderful dream really.. Sometimes I even long to be bored.

  3. That is, to me, an indictment but also a paen to the online community - it touches and nourishes us, but we sometimes need to remember how to be on our own. So true!

  4. Sitting in silence seems to be a lost art, with all of the stimulation and distraction in our midst. We have to consciously seek it out, find ways to 'step aside, to put ourselves beyond others.'

  5. To find solace in the realms of solitude.. specially in the times of noise and distraction.. would be wonderful indeed.

  6. I sometimes think we are raising a generation who is so connected, that they never have time to be alone with their own thoughts

  7. Alone time is so precious. Not being a social media person who must always connected to something all of the time, I easily find those wonderful spaces of alone. It is indeed wonderful. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  8. I really like this phrase: "crucible of isolation"

  9. Lovely work, leaves much to ponder as we step away. Thanks for sharing!

  10. can we step outside, and perhaps, sit together? ~

  11. Ah.. the greatest loves are tests without
    requite.. sometimes that is solitary
    love as well.. but a perfection
    of practice.. in sands
    of shaping challenge
    can make the
    as strong
    as shell of Love
    in giving others..:)
    And yes.. it is possible
    to Love the Most.. and
    and separate oneself
    from negativity..
    practice.. practice..
    as always
    step in
    a better

  12. "to form that crucible of isolation"--love this description.