Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gifts of words

How often do we offer gifts
of words like daisy chains,
to find that they're recived
as iron and steel which binds?
It was not sent with such a goal,
no thoughts to trap and hold,
and yet within the distance,
they change as they're beheld.


  1. One of my greatest fears when it comes to writing - to either have it misinterpreted or misunderstood. All we can hold on to is the intent with which it was written.

  2. I don't fear it but I do find, being pretty outspoken that I am perhaps more often misunderstood than others might be, particularly online where we lack not only personal knowledge of each other but have no access to the senses which allow us to incorporate an understanding of expression, tone of voice, circumstance and the like, into our understanding. And yes, you are right, we have to believe in the words we offer and have no expectation as to how they will be received.