Monday, July 2, 2012

Cosmic circling

Within the cosmic circling
of who I think I am,
there is a world which can be born,
once I know who I am.
There's thinking and there's being,
there's knowing and demand,
as atoms whirl and dance through time,
in this molecular world.
In constant change and movement,
dynamically and sound,
the particles draw in and out,
to leave me as I am.
And yet the mind is master,
of unseen universe,
in micro and in macro;
where time begins and ends.
It needs a focussed consciousness,
to take the offered hand,
of our diffuse awareness,
so we, as Souls, may stand.
It's only in the dance of life,
for universe or me,
that we can ever find our place
in God's eternity.

N.B. I use the word God not in any religious sense but in the sense of the intelligent consciousness which is the foundation and formation of our world and everything in it.

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