Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The box of mind

The lid is closed so carefully
on all that we believe,
that like the 'cat' alive and dead;
we hide the truths we need.
We live within the box of mind
which we have built with thoughts,
and only when we open it,
are treasures found when sought.


  1. I hope this makes some sense Roslyn - When I read this I couldn't help thinking of the Lost Boy who looked into Peter Banning's eyes and finally said 'Oh, there you are Peter'. As you say, the lid is often closed so carefully that we often forget what is inside of it. This really struck a chord within me.

  2. I like the metaphor AW. A lot of people don't want to know what is inside but they forget or do not remember that what is inside makes them who and what they are whether they open the lid or not. In fact, unless the lid is open then the shadow rules and it is a dark and undisciplined place.