Saturday, September 24, 2011

I thought I heard

I thought I heard a voice
within the swirl and spread
of time, which told of
days which were to come;
beyond this life of mine.
It promised that all
would be well, that all
was perfect now, that
being in the moment,
is the true gift of the Soul.
It said that what I think
is real, is but a dream I
hold; the universe is this
and more, beyond what
we behold.
We look upon this world
of ours and call it true
and real, when what
we need to do is 'see'
to enter heaven's realms.
Creation speaks in magic
voice, to bring this all
to be, and asks that
we participate; draw
on the powers within.
For all is God and God
is all and we are God
brought forth; made
manifest, unique, revealed
as Love drawn out of Life.

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