Tuesday, April 10, 2018


The nature of things is to be
opposite, to strive for balance,
to seek the connection, in that
which has the other electric

charge, where the combination
of the two, creates this world
and all that is in it: matter and
anti-matter; electron and anti

electron; proton and anti
proton, meeting each other
and in that deep place of
annihilation, life is created,

energy is born; in that sure
destruction comes all life,
possibility and being; and
in that death is found pure

birth and transformation, as
the perfect marriage, hieros
gamos,  from micro to macro:
and so do opposites attract.


  1. Interesting that in death we return to pure energy!

  2. Funny how poems can explain existence and non existence alike

  3. life is born from destruction... so interesting both from a science and the Phoenix myth

  4. Such a wonderfully philosophical write!💖