Saturday, March 24, 2018

Christ consciousness

We are made cellular,
Christ consciousness,
Apoptosis; where each is
Created to sacrifice,

Give its life, for the
Good of the whole;
Where each individual
Cell, is programmed

When healthy, to die
For the sake of the
Rest; to choose
Extinction, in order

That others may live,
On, just as Christ
Is said to have done;
Each cell a saviour

And a redeemer in
The story, the glory
The crucifixion of life,
From which comes,

Resurrection. Only
When a cell forgets
The truth of what it
Is, and why it was

Made, does it seek
To be eternal in the
Material and, in the
Doing, bring Death.


  1. Interesting mix of science and belief - and rather appropriate just before Easter. The cells that forget the truth of what they are and reproduce themselves beyond all control - a very painful and yet accurate image.

  2. Good point in the last stanza about bringing Death by seeking the eternal in the Material.

  3. Love the thought of a circle of life here.
    Give its life, for the
    Good of the whole;

  4. Didn't think of each cell a savior ~ Liking the images of Christ as a redeemer ~ Good timing for Holy Week and Easter Sunday~

  5. Interesting and creative in an interesting posture. Thanks!

  6. Thanks everyone. I did not even make the Easter connection as I am not religious although I have studied quite a few religions so no doubt unconsciously motivated.