Friday, September 22, 2017


Unity curls beckoning finger,
summoning psyche to attend,
requiring that Self and Soul
be joined, as one, and where

the many can be made as
one, united in that universe,
of human nature, that sure
reflection of consciousness

made manifest in the unique
and the particular, of many
worlds joined in circling
certainty, turning star-like

around and around in the
galaxy of eternal creation,
where the wonder and the
beauty of you and me is

drawn into meaningful
and purposeful, expression
of particularity and the
personal; from the source.



  1. Love the way you use enjambment across stanzas... a specialty of your poetic voice that is unique

    1. Thank you for that. In truth, it is just the way the words come out. I did not even know it had a name until a few years ago.

  2. Yes Roslyn, you make such a powerful plea for the aspiration of unity here... Uplifting and thanks for sharing...

  3. Seems we need some unity right about now. Interesting reflections on it.

  4. Nicely penned...there is of course a reality where this already nothing to worry about right? ;)

  5. I liked the idea of consciousness being "made manifest in the unique
    and the particular".

  6. This is a beautiful dance of creation between the singular and particular, to the universal and encompassing ~ Beautifully written ~

  7. To me this is our human be united with our Self and Soul and with all others through Source. This really spoke to me, Roslyn...thank you.
    Gayle ~

  8. Inspirational write and a reminder on the oneness and unity of the cosmos. Are we the only species that can be so divisive and ruinous?