Sunday, August 20, 2017

New life

You became who you were in an exploration,
of becoming, through the marriage of male and 
female, woven into being in dark brightness,
where silence sang ancient songs through

watered, imaginings; drifting in an ocean
salted through time and love, breathing in
that slow way of creation, through all that
you were, or might be, as the angels drew

in scented books, the story of the life you 
would live and who you would become, as
you left the place where life had entered into

your soul, passing through each breath I
took, each surge of my blood and waiting
love, in that deep unknowing we both knew.


  1. Love the love between a mother and a child, from birth to parting and into unknown

  2. The wonder of carrying a child. I love that third stanza

  3. I liked the phrase: "deep unknowing we both knew"

  4. Love the process of exploration, the process of becoming ~ A beautiful sonnet ~