Thursday, May 18, 2017

Autumn leaves

Image result for autumn adelaide hills

Leaves linger in surrendered shrouds,
holding lightly to the last of Summer,
sodden in their fraying moments;
knowing that the hour draws closer

when they must fall and fall and fall
out of the place they called home,
finding new ways of being in the
dust of the chilly day; writing in

coloured prose, their message on
the ground, holding their arms up
to the inevitable rotting, which is
their destiny and always was the

place that they would find them
selves, in the ever-changing cycle
of life and death, written in the
heart of unforgiving seasons. 


  1. I really like the way you describe autumn in this piece through the cycle of leaves. Well done. :)

  2. Your use of enjambment makes this flow...and fall and fall like dying leaves.

    1. Yes, that breathing in and out of the falling leaves.

  3. This is a wonderful autumn poem that seems far away for early summer here. A great reminder that without the shredding of leaves there wouldn't be this bursting of new.

    1. We are heading for winter in this part of the world. Although with a Mediterranean style climate, not as severe as you experience.

  4. I love those opening lines. I love autumn and your poem reminded me why!

  5. I had the same thought as Lynn, especially liking the 'fall and fall and fall.'

  6. I've just read your poem after returning from a run with my dog, Roslyn. Are you in Melbourne too, by any chance? You captured exactly what I saw as I ran. Such a beautiful, wistful feeling you've left me with. I love Autumn. A lovely poem :)

    1. I am in the Adelaide Hills where, like Melbourne, a place I have lived, has many trees planted by the European settlers.

  7. The dance of the trees and their leaf fall is fully present in your well crafted piece.

  8. This is beautiful!

    I love these:

    "when they must fall and fall and fall
    out of the place they called home"

    "holding their arms up
    to the inevitable rotting"

  9. I love the autumn season, aside from spring & am fascinated with leaves falling into death, into this ever cycle of the seasons ~ Have a good season ~