Friday, April 24, 2015


Nights imprisoned in barbed imaginings,
horizons held in the realm of dreams,
searing fear and pounding hearts with
every knock, or unknown echo, hollow

in the long, breathless darkness, where
possibility weeps in crippled corners,
and nightmares huddle on edges of
mind, whispering in brittle, razor-edged

tones of what might come to pass; running
relentless images through endless reels
of thought, turning, over and over again
in tangled moments and maybes, lives

lived once, or not yet known, woven tight
in scramblings of horror; plaited into
greasy place, against pale, bloodless
cheeks, where warm tears course down,

beyond the place of hope and reason,
into pools of deep helplessness, where,
past, present and future become as one,
and that which had been left behind, was

now, a newly dressed reality, in a land
far beyond home, where bleaker truths,
stood waiting on bleached beaches, and
boats lay broken in useless torment.


  1. The sadness of what happens when refugees take to the sea is so vivid here.. the boats in useless torment is really gripping...

  2. Strongly written poem...expressing the bleaker truth of what can unfortunately sometimes happen for those who are in search of a better life.

  3. Strong, sad poem. Only this week, more news of ravaged boats in the sea and the refugees seeking a better life only finding death or loss of loved ones.

  4. a tragedy - and such a complex subject

  5. The fear and sadness is palpable - a nightmarish reality strongly written

  6. The despair and torment are palpable ~ I can't imagine myself in that helpless situation but its a reality for some people ~ Good one Ross ~

  7. love the line, "where/possibility weeps in crippled corners" That one statement captures hope and despair at the same time.

  8. Such startling and expressive imagery, with barbed imaginings, possibility weeping, crippled corners, nightmares huddling - you convey that feeling of claustrophobia, huddling masses, and paranoia so well, and the final tragedy...

  9. Such a strong write on a subject fraught with tragedy.
    Our world is not a nice place at present.

  10. Amazingly expressed. This is a sad reality for those who are just looking for a better life

  11. Of all the anxieties of life that loveless countries..
    parents.. and peers.. can bring.. of social abuse..
    and subjugating fears of materialistic
    and power gains.. of oppressing
    and repressing human nature..
    particularly reproductive
    freedoms.. the
    BEcause does
    comes back
    most always
    to a deficit