Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From whence I come...

In that place where sky rolls endless,
unravelling across shining vision,
and  colours are lit with brilliance,
unknown beyond its distant shores,

as if the sun holds court across the
eucalypt-scattered landscape, teasing
at the shadows and throwing into
stark relief, the shape and form of

things held captive by surrounding,
crashing seas; a continent long
hidden and contained, where time
has rubbed through aeons, high

mountains, now made ripples on
horizons which sigh at the chin
of cerulean  heavens, and ruffle
loosely across ancient, dusty

shoulders of becoming; holding
in place, the deep, red, beating
heart of the planet, as songs
dig deep, invisible, ancient lines.


  1. As always, you have very interesting line breaks, which make me stop and consider each verse anew - and interpret it in at least two or three ways. Perfect example of that 'a continent long/ hidden and contained'. A classic feel to this poem, perhaps because of the very symmetrical arrangement of the lines.

  2. Your first stanza really spoke to me. This is a lovely poem, full of poetic techiques.

  3. This is to me like a road.. your long winding sentences with unexpected punctuation really create a very comforting feeling. I feel like I am travelling.

  4. Your poem is a journey of becoming, I think. It speaks of history & depth and connections. So wonderfully penned.

  5. Ah.. you take me to Australia.. perhaps it is dreams
    of Eucalyptus leaves and imaginary Koala bears
    that help along the way..
    Ah.. Poetry is a delight
    to me.. an intermingling
    of souls known
    or not..:)

  6. the sun holding court is a very interesting concept.

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  7. I have not been there, but one day I hope to visit.

  8. Even though some of the imagery is active, there's a peaceful quality to your words. Lovely.

  9. love the word pictures you've presented...beautiful and serene...

  10. You give us the cosmic view of where you're from...our marvelous planet Earth!

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