Wednesday, February 4, 2015


White world, ice-world, frozen
in that place of wintered becoming,
held and hidden beneath chilled
coat; chaos, darkness, delight

sit silent and expectant, waiting for
the thaw, the melting away of icy
shawl, revealing, what was, dripping
with the remains of liquid memory;

sighing at the touch of forgotten sun,
remembering the sensations of
being free, of stretching into smiles
of warmth; released once more to life.


  1. Perfect - how well you describe that waiting for becoming, remembering, expecting... real palpable yearning here...

  2. Beautiful and reminds me so much of my first emotional experience with snow in 1973.. remembering the thaw of the snow on Azalea bushes.. crystal clear light of water.. and sun shining through the snow of the water of life anew..:)

  3. Oh I come to think of how a heart being frozen yet yearning for something different... the metaphor works excellent.