Sunday, January 11, 2015

What happened to you

What happened to you?
I wish that I could ask,
that question, but mostly
I wish that you could

answer it. Perhaps you
can, but I suspect you
cannot, and anyway, I
cannot ask it, just as I

cannot ask, where did
you go, this person we
knew for so long, who
was replaced by some

one so different, so un
like you, so much a
stranger, and yet in
your form, with your

face, your voice and
all of those physical
things we had always
known, as you, but

now, revealed as some
one, so different, so
changed, so distant,
so unknown, with no

way of knowing how
it all happened, or
even why, the you we
knew was now gone,

and could not be found
by us, and perhaps not
even you, that is, if you
knew that you, was even

missing, and I think you
must, but still, psyche
demands you take new
form and so I cannot ask,

What happened to you?

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