Thursday, January 29, 2015


Woven thoughts controlled,
made still, braided into place,
held in patterns tightly set;
so our minds do grace.

Symbol of our psyche,
reflecting who we are,
cut the locks, let them fall;
naked from our brows.

Power rests within our hair,
honoured through all time,
seen as source of reason;
life, as plaits we wind.


  1. I used to have so much of it.. at the hair stylist.. grown women coming and saying OH MG that boy has such thick and luxurious blonde hair!.. and then it started going away fast at first.. and then leaving some now for me to sport at 54!

    But anyway all that hair at first was rough.. as the McDonalds cashier routinely mistook me for a girl.. believe that or not now!..:)

    Ah.. the topic of hair such a discussed one in all of human life..:)

  2. nice use of metaphor here - hair is so integral to who we are and how we communicate

  3. symbol indeed. I recently cut my hair very short and I've been a bit anxious about it. Funny how hair is so "all-important"! (my photo has not been updated yet…)

  4. So much we signal with hair.. the symbolism is real and there is a lot of power in hair. And if you change someone's hair by force there is so much less we can do..

  5. hair is a part of who we are internally. When your hair looks good, you feel good..

  6. Hair is emotive of so many thoughts and feelings... The power is truly there.