Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lullaby of grief


Crystalline the lullaby of grief,
in shining, blackened, arched
and keening sighs, vibrations
which do resonate with angel
smiles,  as spirit holds the
bucket God has given, to fill
with green and swaying leaves
of memory, budding, like the
waterlily, floating on deep
ponds, in scattering of images,
reflecting on the surface, opal-
glittered dreams of what once

tattered pages, leaf by leaf,
of sacred verse, which holds
the pearl so precious of our
love, for soul to fish again,
for secrets, rocking in the boat
which heaven built, as ancient
hands keep writing, telling tales
of joy and great bewilderment,
while horses of new hope stand,
waiting by the plank which still
connects the drifting mind, to
solid, sure and waiting earth.

Irene: crystalline, lullaby, vibrations
Viv: God, bucket, kindness
Rosalyn: shining, blackened, arched
Stimmyabby: waterlily, green, swaying
Barbara: scattering, opal, surface
Hannah: pearl, verse, sacred
Misky: leaf, boat, fish
Jules: heaven, secrets, writing
Hala: bewilderment, horses, plank


  1. Wonderful weaving. I like that God gave a bucket.

  2. A swirl of phrases...well wordled.