Friday, July 18, 2014


Fear scurried like a rabbit on the grass of thought,
those first steps into being, wearing danger's dress,
in almond colour crooning as if it could deceive;
so was reason charmed, brought doubt in as a guest.

Confusion crept through days now soaked in dreams,
to chop the toasted belly of dark nights,
as stars did spring across the bloated heavens;
sparks of hope still shone above, in distant bright.

Madness digging deep now made eternal mark,
that soup of soured sanity as pure bubbled broth,
where demons stirred in steaming, cruel delight;
revealed the hell where minds bake and are lost.

Yousei: rabbit almond color
Irene: first grass steps
Debi: charmed dress sip
Viv: soaked dreams days
Misky: chop spring stars
Barbara: toasted belly sparks
Raoul: bake mark deep
Roslyn: bubbled broth steaming


  1. Some realities are harder to grasp.
    And yet there is always hope - or at least I would like to think so.

    I had fun writing an Elfje series for these words.

    Summer cheers, Jules

  2. I love the idea of danger in a dress...your view is conveyed well.

  3. The bloated heavens is interesting to think about. Bloated with sparks of hope, maybe.