Monday, April 7, 2014



Embryonic memory did borrow sorrowed mind,
as thoughts like turtle scuttlings were hatching, roaming wild,
regrets in sharpened toothpicks to puncture wild relief,
earlobes dangling fatness, did burn from hidden speech.

The ego reached in jagged force, lone fighter on the day,
demand in bitter ripples as soul's aura was betrayed,
and in the slow unwrapping was shame so soon revealed;
grief drew blackened stockings on what must now be healed.

Songs of emerald colour soared, brief snapshots of the past,
the dance of life, in pine-sharp sap was flowing deep and fast,
dissecting all the dreams she held, marshmallows fat and sweet;
bursting buds of almonds, the fruit of love's bright leaf.

Microscope of focussed mind was held in consciousness,
while snakes of fear were homing, through an endless press,
of coastal drifts and mountain mists recorded for all time;
the books of fate were neatly shelved, unseen the Self did hide.

Truth did record the facts of all the child had been and seen,
the woman grown set dainty foot in lemon-scented dreams,
destiny dug deep the roots that birthed her into being;
and offered branches broad and wide; allowed the inner seeing.

Imperfection is the mark of  those who walk lost worlds,
so one leg lame, irregular, the psychics ancient call,
and head cocked slightly to the edge and listening for the birds;
so do the shamans hear and know the power of every word.

Ms Pie: embryonic, borrowed, turtle
Nicole: toothpicks, earlobes, fatness
emangsteroo: fighter, hatching, jagged
Jules: aura, ripples, unwrapping
purpleinportland: stockings, shame, songs
Marian: color, emerald, snapshots
Misky: marshmallows, pine, sap
Stimmyabby: dissecting, microscope, almonds
Annell: snakes, coastal, leaf
Barbara: record, books, homing
Debi: unseen, lemon, foot
Irene: lame, birds, roots

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  1. I esp like the last two stanzas - nice job