Friday, March 21, 2014

Shadow -retriever

Soul does make a mirror,
reflecting back again,
image hid in darkness;
rug-lifters for the pain.

That which has been hidden,
must on the path be seen,
denied can be illuminated;
shadow-retriever dreams.

Cassandra-like they speak,
bard-surgeons wielding knife,
that psyche can be healed,
as wounds bring inner life.

Life-messengers enunciate,
what others would not hear,
that secrets are uncovered,
and hope can conquer fears.


  1. I like the message here...that shedding light in darkness heals inner wounds...Cassandra-like is wonderful.

  2. Ah.. the bard-surgeaon.. love that.. so glad you linked up.

  3. the ending stanza really brings this together... conquering fears = healing inner scars... very nice use of kens as well - effortlessly flowed

  4. I agree, I really like the cassandra-like - nice write

  5. I love the how the title ties into the poem's theme of retrieving shadows and hope conquering fear. Well-crafted poem and great use of rhythm and rhymes.