Friday, March 14, 2014


To touch upon what is not seen,
to feel and sense and smell,
so do we enter into life;
in ways the eyes can't tell.

To lose the image clearly drawn,
to fathom endless mind,
so can we know the inner depths;
so do we truth then find.

That pull to places not revealed,
that call to what's unknown,
so we surrender and release;
so is the heart then shown.

That siren song of sensing,
that music of the spheres,
silken touch, scented sound;
so does the soul revere.


  1. i think that engaging in our other senses we know more of truth than when we are dependent on just what we truly know the heart i wonder if we dont have to go beyond our normal senses though.

  2. i put what i feel above what i can see or hear...not always a wise choice and not sure where it comes from... realized only with the prompt... but def. good to use as many of the senses as possible...for balance...

  3. Indeed.. is the sight a siren's song.. preventing is from hear the music of the spheres.. intriguing thought...

  4. Surrender and release ... so is the heart then shown ... lovely :)

  5. surrender and release and the heart is shown - how often we hide and harden our heart

  6. Seeing is certainly not enough to know rather other senses can reveal much more. Nicely Rosalyn!


  7. engagement, entering into life, beyond the objective sight, great poem

  8. Beautiful. It is not often I read poems aloud - but I did this one.
    Anna :o]