Monday, September 9, 2013


In sylphic slow remembering each wave,
does crest upon the moment unto waiting death,
and hold its breath upon the edge of hollow, dusted air,
as gristled soil and rock do shake into new forms;
with water in an endless push and breathless pull,
does drive with hidden purpose; gifts to share.

Such oceanic surging writhes and rolls,
fluidic flow which seeks and soothes and heals,
a planetary sap in aqueous stealth of rivered, driven being,
wherein the source of life is held and given;
elixir in elusive flux fulfilled and held,
until it breaks upon the sand in drench of tears.


  1. very cool...nice allusions to the ocean and the waves...first in how it is oft like memories, but also in how the ocean oft stirs my memories as well..

  2. the breathless push and pull and the ever changing forms make the ocean a good metaphor for life and memories as well.. cool rhythm in this roslyn

  3. The imagery of waves is a very strong.. And just like the waves, memories can reshape ourselves.. Your poem itself mimic the waves... Very nice

  4. Brian took the words right out of my mouth, although I'm sure they wouldn't have made quite as much sense. Love the ocean and waves link, beautiful.

  5. Waves are so hypnotic.