Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shattered night

I tossed and turned
through shattered night,
and brittle, pointed thoughts,
which led me through
the dead, dark hours
and bitter shreds of doubt.


  1. I have just visited your blog, I think for the first time. I am enjoying your words and pictures.

  2. Many thanks... not sure whether to call you wobbly or what but much appreciated.

  3. Wobbly sounds fun, but Libby is what I normally use. Just don't call me Dum-Dum!

  4. What is it with night time thoughts that hold so much pull? You capture it well.

    It is a rare occasion for me that thoughts keep me from sleep. I am grateful- for I fear I would become trapped in doubt.

  5. It is rare for me as well Teri, but if something is troubling and one wakes in the night, which is extremely rare for me, somehow the darkness holds one captive to the thoughts more.