Friday, April 21, 2017


Sometimes the words just stop,
as if sulking in hidden corners,
resenting where they have been
taken, pouting in that soft-lipped

way they have, where the brutal
capacity is denied, and their
power is contained, because it
must be, even though the mind

does not understand why they
have retreated into that darkness
of isolation and surrender, as if
they have been chastised just

once too often, and now refuse
to make their presence known,
to allow themselves to be used,
as if to punish for what has been

done, unless, of course, it is a
reminder that sometimes it is
in silence that we find ourselves
and know truths beyond words.


  1. Oh yes the words do retreat when they aren't being used as they should..well said.

  2. Words sulking in hidden corners - brilliant!

  3. Wow, I love the way you personify those words, sulking in corners, retreating in the shadows, pouting!

  4. Silence is a way to find truth beyond words. Maybe better words will come out of that silence.

  5. Oh, this is just brilliant. I love the personification of words and then the value of silence.

  6. I love that ending stanza ~ In silence and darkness, I hope I can find the words to express my thoughts ~

  7. Well done. So much said in words unspoken...
    Anna :o]