Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Who Am I?

To search within the almost seen, scramble in the mind,
to rummage through the coats of past, seeking so to find,
who I am and who I was and who I still might be;
so does love draw gentle hands across eternity.

Who was I then, who am I now, and who will I become,
so do the questions roll and taunt when certainty is gone,
and who I might have been, or could, has drifted on the wind;
so do potentials reach an end, before we can begin.

That morning when I woke in fear and huddled into Self,
as dreams and deep imaginings were tumbling from the shelf,
so then I saw in scattered wreck the tramplings of my heart;
and realised, that who I was, had never played a part.

And yet it had been written, this tortured, searching path,
which led from birth and on to death, as pure and soulful art,
for in the journey to become, to know and render true;
I learned the shape of  what was me, perceived, what was called you.


  1. This meanders back an forth in such a mesmerizing way... sometimes I wonder if it's predestined as a river born and floating out to sea or if there are ways that leads us elsewhere... I like the handling of time here, the past present and the future....

  2. I enjoyed the reflection of your personal journey and I like that in the process, you find your own path and shape, and ultimately voice ~

  3. learned the shape of what was me, perceived, what was called you.
    ..a great contemplation!

  4. Interesting that...the perceptions that we have of ourselves and others and how they may be so far off the mark as to who each truly are.

  5. Beautifully paced - "so do the questions roll and taunt when certainty is gone," We often fool ourselves we know our destination - but wow do we have a lot to learn - and it is hard change course or let go... and realize we learn (or should) the whole journey through...

  6. beautiful progression from the "me" of who I am to the "you" of who I am.

  7. Who am I is a constant journey along a path that twists and darts through valleys and over hills. Finding self can sometimes mean simply stopping and listening to your inner voice.

  8. How true we find ourselves in others. A beautiful searching write.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  9. I love the opening: "To search within the almost seen"
    And this: "does love draw gentle hands across eternity"

  10. Oh, to think of all the people who don't feel the need to do this, who are satisfied with who they are and can't imagine there is someone better they could be. Really love how well this reads.

  11. Wow you comments on Facebook about Australia's indigenous people are blatantly ignorant and racist! How about you actually research and learn the truth before go making arrogant comments.