Sunday, May 22, 2016


It was raw, that place, where you wounded me,
even though you had no understanding of the blow,
nor that words had become a weapon which could
injure, even kill, and time and distance blinded

eyes, which could no longer see, and yet, I
dreamed of vision being restored, of time
opening up to savage you with light, that the
reflection could spread around and beyond

the weeping sore, and whisper healing breath
upon the seeping flesh of heart, and soul, and
mind, of all that I had ever thought myself to be,
and yet, without it, the pain became a force which

pushed me on, seeking for my own sure bandage,
something which could wrap around and hide for
a time, the truth of what had been, a salve for hurt
which had no name; such are the raw moments.


  1. I feel the rawness, Roslyn - wounds that take time to heal. Nicely evoked... With Best Wishes Scott

  2. I admire the raw force of your words, the seeking for solace and bandage, but being that dreaming of vision restored and:

    of time
    opening up to savage you with light~

    A powerful share Rosyln ~


  3. I agree, such raw emotions depicted with such flair and grace :)

  4. There is something of that merge between physical pains and emotions... they often become one and the same... love your enjambment...

  5. This is edgy, almost bloody as any open wound would be. The quest for healing is hidden within and not in the one who wounded. Defiance is an ally and a weapon! A strong emotional write, Roslyn!

  6. Strong visuals... the rawness is indeed felt.

  7. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read and post.

  8. "...a salve for hurt...." Would that we could all find that in our moments of need. This is such a visceral piece.

  9. "the weeping sore, and whisper healing breath
    upon the seeping flesh of heart, and soul", that is powerful. So much pain and sadness beautifully penned.

  10. Such a powerful piece, so open like the wounds you describe. The enjambment is so very good. Excellent line breaks.