Saturday, January 16, 2016


Abandon hope, they cried,
and yet my heart asked why?
Why should, or could, or
would we ever abandon hope

when it remains the door we
open, to usher in the light,
to allow bright streams of
sunshine to wander in through

shadows, to warm the soul in
places dark and fearsome; to
allow us to stand and walk
outside, away from the place

where we have hidden, and
huddled against hope, denied
the truth that wherever we
might be; whatever we might

feel, or hear, or sense, or even
know, that there is always
hope, waiting; eyes shining,
arms open wide, spirit still

laughing in the face of grief,
our comforter and solace...
which cannot be abandoned,
even as we think it might.

1 comment:

  1. "Why should, or could, or
    would we ever abandon hope"... You make a great case for not doing so.