Tuesday, September 29, 2015

There is no death

There is no death,
just emerging
from material form,
with a shake of damp,
fresh wings of
remembering, and
a smile for the familiar,
the known and what
has always been, and
was, even in the time
of earthly forgetting,
held within the
cocoon of incarnation,
protected by the shell
of Self which caressed
for that brief time,
your eternal Soul.


  1. Uplifting, soothing.

  2. wish I could believe this -
    however well written
    and however close my own death now is.

    1. I have to say that this is a magnificent write.
      Rereading it, whatsoever I believe, I want to let you know that it touched me deeply. You have a great talent.

    2. Thank you Joanna. It seems to me that since everything which happens in our bodes and our world has meaning and purpose, and it does, that our consciousness, which we don't actually need to survive in this material world has meaning and purpose.

      It is also the only thing which can survive beyond the material and function in other worlds. So, I have come to feel that since all must have meaning and purpose, that our lives, this world, our selves as material beings is of purpose and value and will have relevance in a world beyond.

      Since the right answers are generally the most simple, and beautiful because of it, I believe that death, when we depart this material world, is probably far simpler than we might think or fear, and if we can move beyond fear, more a stepping out of this 'costume' to return home.

      However, since one can never be absolutely sure of anything, it remains possible that death is oblivion. If it is we will know nothing about it.

      If it is not we will be returning home, to the familiar, forgotten only while we are in this world by most, but not all, when we will finally make sense of the life we have lived.

      If we believe this life has meaning and purpose and that at death we return home, which common sense and logic and human experience and belief says is most likely, then we are likely to enjoy this time here better and lose our fear of death.

      And if it is oblivion, we have lost nothing because we have had a quality of life. :)

  3. I agree with Joanna, I just wish I could believe in this....

    1. If you study the human body you will find that everything which happens physiologically does so for a reason. Ditto for the natural world.

      We do not need consciousness to thrive or survive and in fact many do both without making much use of it, so, why do we have it?

      What purpose does it have?

  4. Some of the imagery is really startling and stands out for me: a shake of damp, fresh wings of remembering, the cocoon of incarnation... very effective.

  5. I love the idea of the eternal soul, there is no death ~ Food for thought, thanks ~

  6. Often i tale the story
    of being three
    before i can
    and feeling..
    with adult mind
    same as now at
    55 that i have been
    here forever right
    at home..
    no worries..
    just home now..
    back again..
    i stay..
    a wonderful
    fearless place
    it is to truly feel
    this home within
    now my friend..
    and people ask
    me why always
    am i so happy..
    i know
    and feel it too..
    forever is now..
    and now is
    Zero doubt..
    Zero fear for me..
    and what a gift that is..
    my friend..

  7. which caressed
    for that brief time,
    your eternal Soul.

    One can possibly leave it be to the unknown. It may be brief but it allows a remedial measure to take effect