Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Light melted into the deepest parts of Self,
drowned darkness in silent, seductive smile,
washed through the doubts and fears of night;
quenched Soul's deep, abiding, hidden thirst.

Dropping in that deliquescent dance of hope,
rising high on salted waves of new possibility,
crashing down through depths as yet unknown;
so was then made bright the blackened heart.

Heralding like song released by shining birds,
moments of pure, liquid,  sweet imaginings,
then did grace illuminate with forgotten joys;
quietly did psyche settle and begin again to sing.


  1. I especially like 'Dropping in that deliquescent dance of hope, / rising high on salted waves of new possibility' not only for the words but for the alliteration and the rise and fall of actions.

  2. The first line and the last line, just like church, or prayer. Eloquently written.

  3. i do like your descriptions in this

  4. I feel this close to my heart.. humans can absorb all the light and create that darkness.. and after a while just release them in a song.. beautiful write.

  5. a lot of back and forth between light and dark--I like that; especially the rising high on salted waves of possibility & crashing through depths of unknown - speaks volumes!

  6. I like how hope and light are triumphant in this.

  7. The highs and lows - dark and light, so glad for the way it ended.

  8. Grace can illuminate the blackened heart...and give us a song. Beautiful!