Friday, March 29, 2013

Love and hate

The bed was made and by the side
stood Love's companion Hate;
holding hands through passion's shroud,
Life's true supplicate.

It's when the heart is fully drawn,
in soulful, sundered shape,
that these two take their places;
observe, as we create.

It is in stark polarity they stand,
to balance out a middle ground for grace,
and hold their equal truths as absolutes;
that we may draw ourselves in deepest trace.

They are but different faces of the same,
pure pulled and deep emotions that we feel,
when linked and drawn together, made as one;
the truth of being human; being healed.

It's love which fuels the fire of grief and rage,
and tender passion holds the hem of hate,
reminding us that caring has a price;
and we have chosen what we call our fate.

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