Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How quick we are

How quick we are to take offence,
to deem the other wrong,
for triggering our own response,
when they could not have known,
how tender was the wound within,
that hurt we keep alive,
through our beliefs and circumstance;
through what we tell ourselves.
The pain we feel belongs to us,
and it is sourced within,
for words can never hurt us,
unless we give them leave,
and let them carry us along,
on victim's fragile wings,
to make us feel that we are right,
to validate our needs.
It is our choice to ride the words,
in any way they speak,
and not the fault of others,
if they should bring us grief,
for they are only messengers,
and carry what we see,
far more than they will ever bring
what others do believe.

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