Monday, January 2, 2012

Do we choose

Do we choose this life before we come,
decide who we will be and place our trust
in parents known, and friends and family?
If paths are drawn and times are writ,
by our own mind and hand, then blame
can only ever be, a part of the great plan.
As actors on the stage we move in sure
and certain ways, to live the days allotted;
to learn, to grow, to play.
We draw the curtains open wide and step
into the light, embracing both the days
and nights as backdrop to our tale.
And when the play is finished, the curtains
neatly drawn, we gather in the dressing room
to write a life once more.
It's just another story, more time within
this world, this stage of our becoming;
placed on Akashic shelves.

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