Wednesday, October 12, 2011

children and parents

I watched you grow
throughout the years,
my small and gentle
girl, and now although
an adult grown,
I see the child within.
As mother I have
watched from birth,
my children come
to be, and yet it's sure
they'll never know,
the truth of who I am.
As mothers, fathers
we remain, fully formed
from 'birth', and like Athene
brought into form;
created from their thoughts.
I look upon my children,
and trace their path
and truth, but when
I see my parents -
such things remain


  1. Nicely said Ros- IIt seems no matter how I begin to try to see my parents - all I see are their barnacles and mistakes. Like a weight that I cannot put down.

  2. It helps when you know enough about them and their parents, and even grandparents to understand how they became who they are.